• Baby Massage

    This is a truly enjoyable class for parents / care givers and baby. This class is designed to promote bonding through nurturing care.

    Next new set: Wednesday the 17th of November 2021

    "It has been lovely being out and meeting other mums and babies this summer as my birth and new born experience from April to June was a very lonely one in a lot of ways due to covid lockdown. It has had many positives but I feel that myself and many other new parents and new babies have received less support and reassurance at this time. I was delighted to do Angela's baby massage course to have an opportunity to learn new skills for bonding with and helping my little boy Oisin, but also to network with other mums and babies. I have felt safe and comfortable in Angela's lovely home centre/therapy room and feel that she has taken all necessary measures to follow public health guidelines. I've really enjoyed the 5 week course and would recommend it to other new mothers". - A Baby Massage Client..

    Massage is a wonderful way to augment the important early bonding of parents and their infants. It is also very powerful in relieving colic and other symptoms of infant stress. Gentle touch is vital for babies existence and allows them to feel loved and secure. Infant massage is carried out daily as part of the routine for example when changing the babies nappy. The emphasis of infant massage is on communication of parent and baby.

    Baby Massage - Lodge Road Therapy

    Benefits for Baby

    Gentle touch is vital

    · Supports the bonding process

    · Improves blood circulation

    · Allows them to feel love, acceptance and security

    · Your baby learns how to relax and be more calm

    · Can improve sleep patterns

    · Stimulates a heightened sense of well being

    · Promotes development of digestive tract and respiratory organs

    · Reduction of colic symptoms and other digestive problems

    Baby Massage - Lodge Road Therapy

    Benefits for Parents

    Develop close bonds

    · Bonding and relaxation

    · Communication, verbal and non verbal

    · Increased parental competence in relating to and handling the baby

    · Fun and joy

    · Opportunities for close bonds and intensive communion between two people

    · Development of awareness through loving touch and caring attention

    · Teaching in a group offers parents the opportunity to exchange their ideas and experience.

    Classes are designed around the baby and is taught at a pace that suits both parent and baby. The techniques used are based on the work of Vimala McClure, author of Infant Massage a Hand book for Loving Parents and the founder of the organization IAIM. As an infant massage instructor I feel that infant massage should be part of the development of the child and not just at the baby stage. Through out the classes there are tips on how to continue the massage through out their young lives and most of all make it fun.

    €90 for 5 classes receipts given for health insurance

    New Classes starting regularly please ring Angela on 051 428798 086 3019519 for more information or book on the next class below.

    If you have any concerns regarding Baby Massage Classes

    during a pandemic please read below:

    I found the environment so safe for both me and my baby to do the course in. Not once did it enter my head of Covid as you and your work place felt so safe and comfortable. It felt so nice to do something with other mammies during these strange times and I looked forward to your class every week. - Baby Massage Client.

    I'm so delighted I decided to do the baby massage classes with Angela, all guidelines were adhered to, social distancing, cleaning etc, I felt safe and relaxed, it was lovely meeting other mothers and their babies, we had plenty of laughs along the way" - A Baby Massage Client

    I attended the baby massage classes in July. I was initially worried about doing any kind of classes in current climate especially with a 9 week old but was immediately reassured by all the precautions Angela has in place - the cleanliness of the studio, the small class size and the social distancing between mats etc. I felt completely safe and at ease and thoroughly enjoyed the classes and the chats at the end of the classes with the other new mums. Would highly recommend. - Baby Massage Client.

    International Association of Infant Massage

    I am registered with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). Their mission statement reads: "the purpose of the International Association of Infant Massage is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community"

    International Association of Infant Massage - Lodge Road Therapy
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    Wednesday the 13th of October at 10am. Block of 5 classes
    Baby Massage

    Baby Massage

    25.00 - 90.00
    €90 for 5 classes receipts given for health insurance.
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  • What You Can Expect

    Infant Massage

    In the classes you will learn to massage the infants: · feet/legs, tummy, chest, arms/hands, face, back

    Infant Massage - Lodge Road Therapy

    Colicky Baby

    Based on years of research

    The colic stroke is adapted to cover other digestive problems including; constipation, wind and bloating. A baby suffering with any of the above will usually tend to cry often and bring there knees up to there chest. The colic routine is done in the morning, afternoon and evening for two weeks. It is important for parents to persevere, years of research from ‘the touch institute’ who have conducted years of research into infant massage.


    There are different topics that are covered including:

    · Crying

    · "Spoiling"

    · Colic

    · Massage for a developing child

    Yoga and Reflexology - Lodge Road Therapy

    Yoga and Reflexology

    Enjoyable and relaxing for infants

    Yoga based exercise is also included in the classes and there will be nursery rhymes included also. There will be hand outs given to the parents to give some assistance.


    Reflexology, the use of pressure points on the foot that correspond with the body, is performed very gently in the infant massage by putting light pressure on the sole of the feet. Infants can become very relaxed when having their feet massaged.


    This is a very enjoyable class and refreshments are available to all parents and carers. It provides them with the opportunity to chat and swap ideas as this can be an isolating time for you and your baby.


    The Infant Massage classes can be attended from birth until the child is one year old. For a booking form please click here.

    "The fun I had and being able to calm her"

    "Learning a skill that brought me closer to my baby & that made her happy & calm"

  • Insurance

    Coverage of Infant Massage Classes

    Laya Healthcare & Aviva

    As part of their benefits at Quinn they are now offering Baby massage as a reclaimable expense. Up to €100 can be claimed towards the cost of these classes when carried out by members of the International Association of Infant Massage (Irish Chapter is Baby Massage Ireland)


    As part of their comprehensive maternity benefits covered by their family plan and family plan plus schemes, VHI are now offering Baby Massage Classes as a reclaimable expense. Up to €75 can be claimed towards the cost of these classes when carried out by a member of the International Association of Infant Massage (Irish Chapter is Baby Massage Ireland).

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