How to recognise suffering and rise up from it.

Without realising it we go through needless suffering everyday of our lives and it's almost as if we expect it. We might feel powerless to do anything about it. This might seem to you to be quite a negative topic to discuss. We usually tend to believe that someone else caused our suffering, or the world being in chaos caused your suffering but if we go right back to the origins of giving out about something, or thinking this shouldn't be happening to you - right there, that is the beginning of suffering.

Suffering is not accepting what is, in this very now moment. Having an expectation of how you believe our life should be can lead you to suffering and going down a spiral of negativity. These create a low dense energy within the body.

We always need to go back to why we believe we should have what we think we should have or why we should have the money we think we deserve. What are the external factors that you are looking at or hearing that makes you believe these "truths".

This is the beginning of self awareness within your suffering. The world is a chaotic place at the moment and if you are waiting for things to settle down so you can exist in a world without you feeling hard done by or living in suffering you will be waiting a long time. If you are waiting for a family member to become well or your job to become better and then you will get on with your life and be happy, this is prolonging your suffering. We only have this now moment where we can take action, bring our awareness or accept what is. Doesn't mean you can't make changes in your life in another now moment but stop thinking about what you did in the past or how you feel it will be in the future.

I have both lived this and have great results with my clients when we really start to go inwards. Even without my clients telling me about there suffering, I can feel it within their bodies in a healing session and it will show up eventually through: aches or pains, anxiety or depression, illnesses or disease and it is mainly all through suffering in their body.

I can start to help release that dense energy through Rahanni or Reflexology but the real work and results come when you recognise the negative thoughts within your head, that flows down through your bdy and affects the muscles, glands and organs within your body.

How we can help ourselves is one of the simplest but most dificult things in our lives - breathing, dropping deep within our bodys and start to listen to how we are really, truely feeling. STOP with the distractions, STOP with the busyness, STOP listening to other people over your true gut/soul feeling. SLOW DOWN!

When we really start to be guided by that inner voice, thats when the negativity calms and you realise you don't need to live in a place of suffering. We can start to really take notice all the wonderful things in our world around us, realise there are so many fun things you can do and the chaos will still be going on but you will have some respite within your own calmer body.

When we start to quieten down and start breathing that's usually when the thoughts can get louder but if you are aware of that and you stop trying to control the thoughts, (they are just energy flowing through your body) trust me there is calm there somewhere. But this is being aware of it all and being aware of the suffering and our endless need to control it all. That won't happen and you will continue on the merry-go-round of life as before.

It starts with the decision to want more for your life and help release the suffering from within.

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