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  • Holistic Therapies & Services

    I offer a range of services to help keep you well. From reflexology and deep tissue massage, suitable for everyone, to Pregnancy and Baby services for those expecting.

    Reflexology Massage - Lodge Road Therapy

    Reflexology & Massage

    Therapies that Relax & Help the Body to Heal

    For healing, relaxation, or mental well being, reflexology and massage can help you and your body. These services are suitable for everyone.

    Pregnancy Yoga - Lodge Road Therapy

    Pregnancy & Baby

    Services for You & Baby

    There are so many benefits to keeping well during pregnancy for you and your baby. I offer pregnancy yoga, private ante-natal classes and baby massage.

    Holistic Therapies - Lodge Road Therapy

    Holistic Therapies

    Looking After You

    Other popular treatments include: Indian Head Massage, Deep Foot Treatment and Leg & Foot Massage.

  • Attend a class or have a treatment. Give me a call to see what's right for you.

    Classes - Lodge Road Therapy


    On-going Monthly Classes

    Classes held in Lodge Road Therapy Room, Cushinstown and Clonard Community Centre, Wexford.

    Treatments - Lodge Road Therapy


    Happy Clients

    A range of holistic services are available. I can assure you of the best of care.

    Lodge Road Therapy

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    Get in touch to schedule your class or treatment. Or give me a call if you have questions.

    I'm at 086 3019519.

  • Lodge Road Therapy

    I established Lodge Road Therapy almost 15 years ago. I have a strong and loyal group of clients. The treatments I offer include: Reflexology, Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage, and Hot Stone Massage. I also specialise in Ante Natal Care including Pregnancy Yoga, Private Ante Natal Classes and Baby Massage Classes. I am very passionate about what I do and I always strive for the best possible outcome for my clients. Angela

  • Reflexology & Massage

    Everyone can benefit from these services. It's the perfect treat for a hard day's work. It will help get you well and revitalize yourself too.

    Reflexology - Lodge Road Therapy


    A non intrusive treatment and is suitable to all.

    Reflexology is beneficial in helping people with such complaints as – IBS, Headaches/migraine, and Stress/Anxiety, Sinus, Boost Immune System, Energy and an overall feeling of wellbeing. Reflexology unblocks the energy paths to allow your body to restore health and well being. Reflexology is covered by health insurance.

    Deep Tissue Massage - Lodge Road Therapy

    Deep Tissue Massage & More

    Get right into those tight and soar muscles!

    This type of massage is great for relieving tension and tightness that builds up over time due to stress, incorrect posture, repetitive strain and weak and tired muscles. I also offer a range of other holistic massage treatments including: Hot Stone Massage and Indian Head Massage.

    Pregnancy Reflexology  - Lodge Road Therapy

    Pregnancy Reflexology & Massage

    Suitable after the first trimester

    A range of treatments are available that are safe after the first trimester and right through until birth. They can help ease the stress and strains associated with pregnancy. It can also help with relaxation and improve quality of sleep.

  • Rahanni Celestial Healing

    I'm delighted to be able to offer Rahanni Celestial Healing. Some of the benefits: opens the heart to truth, love and compassion, helps release fear based thinking, gives a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. I work from my heart for the higher good and healing of everyone and use it alongside other therapies.

  • Some lovely comments from happy clients ...

    "Angela is a very patient, clear with instructions she instils confidence in the parent and encourages participation in a reassuring way"


    "My child has become very close to me and can now know when there is something wrong with my child, that by massaging him its a good way to calm him down"

  • Pregnancy & Baby Massage Classes

    Some great classes and support for you and your baby

    Pregnancy Yoga - Lodge Road Therapy

    Pregnancy Yoga

    Keep mentally & physically well when you're expecting

    Meet other expectant mothers, learn breathing techniques and help alleviate aches and pains through gentle stretching positions. Work with the Birthing Ball and practice some partner stretches.

    Private Ante Natal - Lodge Road Therapy

    Private Ante Natal

    Get the Support You Need

    This is a clear, concise private class that takes you step by step through Breathing Techniques, Stages of Labour and Birthing Plan. I help you to take control of your labour and go through your Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding options.

    Baby Massage - Lodge Road Therapy

    Baby Massage

    Good for Baby and You!

    This class promotes bonding through nurturing touch, meet other mothers and will help relieve constipation, wind, colic and reflux. While learning to massage your baby and give basic reflexology and yoga! These classes are covered by health insurance.

  • Holistic Therapist - Lodge Road Therapy

    About Me ...

    Angela Devereux MNRRI IAIM

    I am a registered Holistic Therapist, qualified in Holistic Massage, I am a registered Reflexologist with the National Register of Reflexologists Ireland, and I am also a member and regional officer of the Irish Massage Therapists Association (IMTA). I have always been interested in the healing powers of relaxation and massage and I am passionate about helping my clients. I'd love to help you.


    Care and compassion for my clients is always my priority

  • I am registered with the following professional organisations.

    Lodge Road Therapy
    Lodge Road Therapy
  • More comments from clients ...

    "I was very happy with my experience of it and would recommend this class to all parents"


    "Very relaxed, easy to understand, Angela is very good to explain, everything was done at babies pace"


    "Angela is approachable and professional in her work. I felt relaxed and comfortable learning from her"

  • Contact Angela

    I offer a range of holistic therapies and massage which are wonderful for well-being and helping the body to heal. Please contact me regarding any information or to book an appointment.

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