• Pregnancy Yoga

    In my 20 years since I tranined, my passion for pregnancy yoga and its benefits is as strong as ever.

    I have both personal experience and I have seen many expectant mothers come through my classes.


    "I'm attending pregnancy yoga at Lodge Road Therapy with Angela.....The classes are really helping with my backaches and restless legs and I always feel more flexible and sleep great after the class". - A Pregnancy Yoga Client

    Pregnancy Yoga-Lodge Road Therapy

    Pregnancy Yoga Classes


    • Help alleviate aches and pains associated with pregnancy
    • Use birthing ball in class and learn to adapt it in labour
    • This is a fun light hearted class, exactly what you need to release everyday stress!
    • This is a safe space to learn techniques for labour and ask any question.
    • Learn to calm the mind, body and soul

    Contact Angela on: 086 3019519 email: info@lodgeroadtherapy.ie

    Cushinstown, New Ross, Co. Wexford


    Pregnancy Yoga - €80 for 5 classes
    Lodge Road Therapy, Y35 A279

    Start from the 2nd Trimester

    Pregnancy yoga classes can be started at the beginning of the 2nd trimester and carried on right through to due date and the correct positions can be used in labour!

    • Positions used in pregnancy yoga include: standing, reclining, tailor, warrior, kneeling and all fours
    • Breathing techniques for relaxation and stages of labour
    • Work with birthing ball 
    • Pelvic floor muscle exercises
    • Positions to help with posture and muscle tone especially the tummy (help get it back into shape after baby!!)

    Pregnancy Yoga Classes start:

    Tuesday the 14th of February at 6:30pm for a block of 5 classes

    Wednesday the 15th of March for a block of 5 classes

    Tuesday the 2nd of May at 6:30pm for a block of 5 classes

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