• Pregnancy Yoga

    This is a fun class that gets the mother involved in the pregnancy and birth of her baby. This is done by making her aware of her own body and utilising a gentle yoga exercise that will complement the natural movements of her body.



    Pregnancy Yoga

    Tuesday evening classes, 6.30pm

    Next class starts: Wednesday the 17th of November

    Location: Lodge Road Therapy


    Classes Starting in 2022: Tuesday the 11th of January - 6:30pm

    Location: Lodge Road Therapy


    €80 for 5 classes

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    "I'm attending pregnancy yoga at Lodge Road Therapy with Angela. I was a bit nervous due to Covid and being pregnant but wanted to attend a yoga class with an instructor to make sure I wasn't gonna injure myself. Angela has taken really good precautions keeping class numbers low, making sure mats are at least 2 metres apart and all equipment is cleaned after each class. The classes are really helping with my backaches and restless legs and I always feel more flexible and sleep great after the class". - A Pregnancy Yoga Client

    Yoga provides a system of exercises to help you recover the natural range of movements the body is designed to make, in harmony with the force and gravity of the body. Most of us, without even knowing it are carrying excess tension with us, bound up in the muscle and joints. Yoga gets to the root of this tension and gives us an opportunity to breath, let go and release, which is particularly important during pregnancy. The yoga based exercise is specifically designed for pregnancy and labour to allow maximum movement of the body.

    Pregnancy Yoga-Lodge Road Therapy

    Pregnancy Yoga Classes


    • Help alleviate aches and pains associated with pregnancy
    • Muscles become more elastic and joints more supple
    • Breathing depends on good posture
    • Improve circulation
    • Helps to combat fatigue
    • The pregnancy yoga will extend to the labour
    • Practising pregnancy yoga will prepare the body for a speedy recovery after the birth

    Contact Angela on

    Tel. 051 428798 or 086 3019519 email: info@lodgeroadtherapy.ie

    Cushinstown, New Ross, Co. Wexford


    Pregnancy Yoga - €80 for 5 classes
    Lodge Road Therapy, Cushinstown, New Ross

    Start from the 2nd Trimester

    Pregnancy yoga classes can be started at the beginning of the 2nd trimester and carried on right through to due date and the correct positions can be used in labour!

    What We Cover

    • Positions used in pregnancy yoga include: standing, reclining, tailor, warrior, kneeling and all fours
    • Breathing techniques for relaxation and stages of labour
    • Work with birthing ball 
    • Pelvic floor muscle exercises
    • Positions to help with posture and muscle tone especially the tummy (help get it back into shape after baby!!)
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    Pregnancy Yoga

    Pregnancy Yoga

    25.00 - 80.00
    €80 for 5 classes
    Can be started at the beginning of the 2nd trimester and carried on right through to due date and the correct positions can be used in labour!

    Option to pay in full or pay non-refundable deposit to hold your place. Balance is due on the first day of class.
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