Rahanni Celestial Healing

Healing at a higher vibration

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The best way to explain about Rahanni is:

Rahanni Celestial Healing helps to change the vibration of your energy, from negative to positive - releasing fear. (we could all use some of that!)

That is a very powerful healing modality, yet completely simple and pure in it's nature.

How does it help in our everyday lives?

Firstly you must ask yourself - "What would I do differently in the absence of fear and negative thinking?"

This doesn't always mean that your are not reaching your full potential in your work life, it also might mean that fear is holding you back from:

  • communicating better with a loved one
  • Not getting out and exercising more
  • Booking that flight or holiday
  • Ringing a friend to catch up

Or it might be a feeling of panic or worry when you think about

  • Your family getting older, moving away
  • Not having control over your health
  • Fertility, Pregnancy
  • Being all things to all people but not getting anywhere!

These are all some of the reasons that people come to me for a Rahanni Celestial Healing. I am delighted to say that through the Rahanni healing it has made such a difference in the lives of the people that I have worked with.

Open your heart like petals of a Rose and receive the healing lights of Rahanni

Click the link to find out more about Rahanni on my website

What to expect if you decide to give it a try:

  • The Rahanni healing is done with you lying on my massage bed (fully clothed)
  • Pillows for your head and a light blanket to cover you.
  • I will start at the top of your head, gently placing my hand or hovering my hand just over you
  • I will move down to the tummy area, heart centre (always connecting with your heart centre)
  • Then go to the knees and finish grounding you at your feet.
  • We will have a chat at the end
Because I am calling Arc Angels and Angels using the colour they are associated with, people often say they see colours, or their thought come and go gently. There is often heat felt when there is healing taking place.

The feelings people have always amaze me and are very personal to them for example "calming", "relaxing", "the knot in the pit of my stomach is gone".........

I could talk all day about the benefits and how good this healing modality is, but when I heard about Rahnni first and it's high vibration of healing I knew I needed to learn more. I went for a healing session, then I knew I needed to offer this healing in Lodge Road Therapy, then I knew I needed people to come and experience it, and they do.

I also want more people to come and learn what exactly it is (without getting to technical!) so I decided to write this blog.

Trust your soul

A Rahanni Celestial Healing last about 45 minutes and costs €45, we will chat before and after to ensure that you are happy and calm.