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    There is a reflex point on each foot that corresponds with each organ and structure within the body. In Reflexology, we use reflexes of the foot to stimulate the body's own natural ability to heal itself.

    "I have only been a client of Angela's since the lockdown. All measures necessary were put in place at Lodge Road Therapy Rooms but nothing felt intimidating or off putting. Angela is a total professional and very knowledgeable. I have felt the benefit of every treatment I've had so far". - A Reflexology client.

    Reflexology - Lodge Road Therapy

    Reflexology Benefits

    A powerful, relaxing treatment

    Reflexology is a very powerful treatment and it is very relaxing. It is important to clear your mind of any stresses or worries.


    Some of the many benefits include:

    • Improve circulation of the blood
    • Better transport of nutrients
    • Improve removal of waste products
    • Positive effects on the nervous system and pain management.
    • Promotes fertility, while balancing the endocrine system and working to compliment any medical fertility procedure. (Click on link below to find out more on this topic)
    • Stimulate the healing energy forces and recovery process
    • Restore, Re Energise, Relax!
    • Balance all areas of Women's Health, looking at the cycle of a woman and take a holistic approach areas to help bring back balance. From puberty to post menopause.
    • Improve Lymph drainage around the body and promote healing. 
    • Eases aches and pains from joints and muscles.

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    Reflexology €50
    Reflexology is covered by Laya Health Care, VHI and Hibernian Aviva Health. Please ask for a receipt.

    Common Complaints suited to Reflexology

    Reflexology can help with many of the following common complaints:

    • Headaches/migraines  
    • Constipation  
    • Respiratory problems    
    • Arthritis      
    • Sinus problems
    • Pain Reduction    
    • IBS
    • Fertility problems and Infertility
    • Depression
    • Anxiety/Stress  
    • Hormonal Imbalance
    • Pregnancy 
    • Muscular system  
    • Immune system       
    • Cancer Care  


    Reflexology was first made known in its present day form by an American, Mrs. Eunice Ingham. She developed zone therapy but Reflexology can date right back to 4,000 BC about the time of acupuncture. Mrs. Eunice Ingham felt that thumb and finger pressure was very effective. Both hands and feet can be used in the practice of Reflexology but the feet are the preferred option as they are greater in size and are slightly more receptive to the treatment.

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    National Register of Reflexologists

    I am a Registered Reflexologist with National Register of Reflexologists (Ireland) (MNRRI)

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    Reflexology for Fertility or Pregnancy

    Find out about reflexology for fertility or pregnancy.

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