• Pregnancy Reflexology

    The relief my clients get with hip and pelvic pain is amazing.

    Pregnancy Reflexology is non intrusive and gets right to the target area and relieves it!

    Mothers always love when I show them the outline of their baby in their feet.

    Reflexology During Pregnancy - Lodge Road Therapy

    Reflexology During Pregnancy

    when there is no risk of miscarriage I can do reflexology in the 1st trimester.


    Benefits of Reflexology during pregnancy:

    • Relax mother to be
    • Can help with sickness
    • Can help with back ache or general aching
    • Decrease fluid retention
    • Eases constipation and sinus problems
    • Improves quality of sleep
    • Encourage baby into correct position e.g. if baby is breech or in OP position.
    • Studies have shown that it can decrease the length of time in labour
    • There are points on the foot that can help stimulate labour. (when it is safe to do so. I will always chat to mother before using these techniques)
    • Boost energy in pregnancy
    • You will wander how you ever managed without it, once you have tried it!

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    Pregnancy Reflexology €55

    Receipts given for Health Insurance

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