Swollen Ankles in Pregnancy

6 Techniques for Reducing Swelling in your Ankles during Pregnancy.

Unfortunately due to the heat in the Summer this can cause increased swelling in pregnancy especially around the ankles. This is usually more common in the later stages of pregnancy but is also common throughout. I have listed some techniques that can help alleviate some of this but you should always tell a your doctor or consultant as there may be other health implications.


  1. You must raise your feet above hip level
  2. Rotate your ankle clock wise and anti clock wise
  3. Flex up and down your ankles
  4. Lie on the floor either on a mat or blanket and rest your feet on an exercise ball and move your feet and ankles (do not do this if feeling dizzy or unwell)
  5. Massage your feet to pump the fluid back towards your heart (either getting your partner to help or treat yourself to a Pregnancy Massage or Reflexology)
  6. Drink lots of water to keep flushing out the fluid.
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Please let me know if you would like to learn more about this or anything else that is effecting you in your pregnancy, thanks Angela