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Is Baby Massage Class suitable for me and my baby?

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Does my baby need to have digestive problems to come to baby massage class?

People often think that baby massage is for - Colic, wind, constipation and other digestive problems but while it really does benefit these baby related health issues it is not always the reason why you should come to a baby massage class with your baby.


Baby Massage class is designed to promote nurturing touch for your baby. The classes are spread over 5 weeks, which gives lots of time to get used to all the strokes and realise that it is quite therapeutic for the mother also.


It is so lovely to see the bonding and chat that goes on between mother and baby (usually is the mother that comes) The stokes might not always be perfect but hey who care, the baby will enjoy it.


I love the tangents that some classes go off in and when topics are discussed that are relevant to all. Parents really help each other and the support is amazing.


There is so much to a baby massage class and below I have a link to my website where it talks about more benefits if you would like to click on the link.


The classes are typically suitable for babies from 4-6 weeks up to crawling.


Receipts are given for health insurance and if nothing else you can have a chat with people in the same stage and know exactly what you are going through


Classes in Clonard are starting back on Friday the 19th of February at 10am


Classes in Lodge Road are starting back on Wednesday the 21st of February at 10am


"The fun I had being able to calm my baby" a parent