Taking Control of Labour

Letting Go!

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Let Go....

This is a blog I wrote a couple of years ago but it is still as relevant now as before.

This subject is very close to my heart and I know everyone has an opinion on this matter and we have all heard the stories regarding labour, good bad or indifferent. The reason I trained as a certified antenatal instructor and have worked with expectant mothers for nearly 15 years is to try to give expectant mothers control in labour, to help them go into labour with a realistic expectation of what is happening and try to LET GO of any fears or stresses and anxieties that seem to be in grained in us. Every film and soap that we see is of a woman screaming and lots of drama - but that is exactly the opposite of what this experience should be all about.
There seems to be more and more ways out there to assist us with our labour but in my years of experience in this area the fundamental thing to remember is to LET Go, take control, plan and stay as positive as possible.
We need to practice LETTING GO on a daily basis (whether we are expecting or not!) Just breath out and consciously LETTING GO and you will notice your shoulders coming down and your body will be instantly more relaxed. The cervix is one of the strongest muscles in the body so in order for any muscle to work for you it needs to be fit, healthy and relaxed.
Be aware of any stressful stories about labour you might have heard or if you have already had a stressful labour and acknowledge this and on the out-breath just imagine you are letting of that. Acknowledge on the breath in and LET GO on the breath out. With stories that you hear just remember you usually don’t have all the facts and you are only hearing one side of the story so please don’t let it ruin your experience.
You need to make your own birth story for your own experience and enjoy the new life that you are bringing into the world.
I remember when I was in labour with my second child I realised that words are easy and that all the explaining and talking to other expectant mothers and birthing partners about breathing and stages of labour meant nothing except I had to just do it! Yes it did hurt and yes I was tired but that is the reality of child birth and I was blessed that he was healthy and all went well for me.
When the labour is over and you have your baby in your arms that is when you need to be at your best. The more you are in control of your labour and more calm it can be, the best place you will be for the next chapter……

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