Pregnancy Yoga & Baby Massage

Classes being held in Wexford Spring/Summer

· Pregnancy Yoga,Pregnancy,Baby Massage,New Baby,Ante Natal Care

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Clonard Community Centre

Wednesday the 2nd of May at 6:30pm

Wednesday the 11th of July at 6:30pm


Lodge Road Therapy Room

Tuesday the 8th of May at 6:30pm

Tuesday the 10th of July at 6:30pm

Baby Massage Classes

Clonard Community Centre

Friday the 4th of May at 10am

Friday the 13th of July at 10am


Lodge Road Therapy Room

Wednesday the 9th of May at 10am

Wednesday the 11th of May at 10am


Oil and Notes are included in the Baby Massage Classes. I give receipts for Health Insurance.

There is a price restructuring coming on the 1st of June 2018 so prices May vary after this date

Any further information please let me know or 0863019519, thanks Angela