Train your body to do this regularly throughout the day

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I often talk to clients of mine about how important it is to STOP. Call it mindfulness, meditation, or just taking a minute it doesn't make a difference but doing it will make all the difference.

As you are reading this please take a minute and follow these simple guidelines.

See how you feel afterwards and this should be an indicator as to whether you will want to do it in the future.


  • Breath Consciously.   Become aware of the breath going in through your nose, into your tummy and then breathing out through your mouth. (feel your body rising up as you breath in and down as you breath out)
  •  Be aware as your breathing of what surrounds you, where you are, what you see all around you.
  • Be aware of what you hear, the sounds in the room, the sounds outside the room (keep breathing deeply, keeping other thoughts or distractions away)
  • Be aware of your body and how it feels right now! Soften your shoulders, scan your body for tension, stress or any aches or pains that you are holding on to in your body. (Breathing acknowledging the tension in your body and breath out and let it go. 

This will only work if you give full concentration and follow the guidelines. All you have to remember is to STOP and Breath.

STOP and take the time to recharge

If you go to pick up your phone to check social media, take a minute, go through the guidelines and then continue as normal.

If you say you don't have the time, it is more important for YOU!

If you have trouble doing this and your body feels tensed or a lot of aches and pains, please contact me for a chat and perhaps a treatment such as Massage or Reflexology might help.

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