Our Frequency of Energy.

Easily explained for all to understand.

To understand the concept of Energy Healing you must first try to grasp the concept that everything is energy. I Recently went to see the film "Oppenheimer" and I watched the film through the lens of an energy healer. The film made so much sense to me from an energy perspective (Not the nuclear bomb!).

The characters in the film based all their discoveries on theories and experiments. They didn't even grasp the concept of using what they discovered to help mankind.

When I am working with someones energy it is all based on intuition and resonance but it is fundamentally based of "quantum physics" or "quantum theories" but to many it is just "airy fairy". Below I am going to try and explain the basis of what I do and how our frequency of energy affects everything.

Everything is energy. Energy never sits still, it is always vibrating. How the energy exists depends on the frequency it is vibrating at and how the energy vibrates dictates everything it experiences. Just stop for a minute and take that in. This took a long time for me to comprehend. The frequency that we are vibrating at dictates what we experience. We are dense energy surrounded by an energetic field (aura) which dictates our experiences in life because we live within another bigger energy field (quantum field). This is where absolutely everything takes place, has taken place and will take place in this now moment.


Everything that we experience is external from our bodies and has to be processed through our body and felt totally through our emotional and mental bodies (through the energy centres). Our bodies are dense energy matter vibrating low but at all times trying to increase the vibration. If we have difficult times in our lives and we ignore the feelings experienced that energy (thought, belief and behaviour) gets stuck thus causing trauma and this is what is held in the body. This energy is at a low vibration and getting lower. When energy gets stagnant and dense it grows (energy is always vibrating). This can show up as inflamation, tumors, tremors, and many other forms.

Often times the body becomes overwhelmed and it starts to bring some of these traumas to the surface to be dealt with. This is often seen as bad or most inconvenient, so we suppress that too. The only way that we can release the dense energy from our body is by acknowledging our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours connected with the dense trauma without attachment or judgement. Then we can choose new thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

This can be very difficult to achieve by yourself and this is why the work that I do in energetic healing is so vital and so important at this time in our lives. How exactly I do this is for another blog.

I hope I have started a conversation at least and you can see why I am so passionate about my work and why I believe it has to play a much bigger role in assisting people release all that dense trauma from their body.

Simple things that you can do to raise the vibrational frequency of your body is to do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do in every now minute (stay in the present)