24 Hour Sponsored Silence

Silence is golden - Tips to help

I have decided to embark on a 24 hour sponsored silence but I am inviting the public to come along and join me. On Saturday the 6th of November from 11am to 4pm come to my studio - Lodge Road Therapy (Y35 A279) and stay in silence for as little or as long as you like. All you have to do is donate to Heart Children Ireland

Heart Children Ireland is a charity that is close to my heart. I have seen first hand the contribution this charity makes to children with congenital heart problems. They have bought life saving machines for hospitals, they offer support for families and have many services available for families in need.

Whether you are able to join me on the day or not, please do donate to this very worthwhile charity.

Below are tips to help with silence. It is good to have a plan for ambarking on silence for any length of time. The mind can be a tricky place and sometimes we need a little help managing it. 


· Turn off your phone 

· Sit comfortably with a relaxed body 

· Focus on your breathing – in through your nose and out through your mouth 

· Be aware of how your body feels and each time you breath out focus on letting go…. 

· For balancing breath – breath in for about 6 and breath out for about 6. If you hold your breath or let out a longer out breath you will feel too relaxed and might want to sleep! 

· Bring a piece of paper and a pen if you wish and if something is bothering you or if you keep thinking about something you need to do or someone you need to contact when you are finished, write it down and bring your focus back to the here and now. 

· Read a book 

· Say a prayer for a set amount of times, focusing on each word. Repeat. 

· If there is a mantra that you use or wish to use e.g. So Hum (I am that I am) or Hari om (Remove suffering) or Om Shanti (invite peace and calmness into self)  

· Mantras, prayers, positivity quotes or affirmations are really good to keep the mind focused and prevent it going to negative places, while in silence.  

· If you feel the silence is bringing you to negative places be prepared with what I have suggested above. We can’t get rid of negativity without replacing it with positivity.  

· Think of anything in your life that you are grateful for and take time to give thanks. 

· If you find an unresolved issue keeps coming up and stops you from enjoying your silent time, write it down and find a way to deal with it at the end. (You will find the act of writing it down often makes it easier to deal with and makes you realise it’s not as big an issue as your head was making you think it was! 

· Just remember the thoughts in your head are just that…..thoughts in your head!!! 

· Enjoy the peace and tranquillity –the world can wait….. 

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Meditation is the journey 

from sound to silence, 

from movement to stillness, 

from a limited identity 

to unlimited space.

Sri Ravi Shankar